"It's speedy and quite rigid-feeling, with responsive handling."

On the road, it feels pretty good—more so than I expected. My first impression was that the ride feel was pretty "normal;" my subsequent impressions grew increasingly positive. The frame feels very stiff: zippy and efficient. It's speedy and quite rigid-feeling, with responsive handling. On my initial ride I was even tempted to try out a local cyclocross course—it has that kind of ride, the kind that will tempt you into foolhardy behavior.

"A solid, fast, comfy ride with head-turning looks."
-L.A. Times

Lou Tortola, an inventor and entrepreneur from Windsor, Canada, has designed a revolutionary custom made bicycle frame that dramatically increases comfort, while retaining the lateral stiffness and pedaling efficiency of traditional diamond frame bicycles.

This handmade bicycle has been ASTM approved, is 10x greater in vertical compliance and 60x greater in vibration absorption, and helps reduce stress & fatigue to the riders spine.

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