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RoundTail® Bike going to Yale

(Windsor, Ontario) – RoundTail® CEO and Inventor Lou Tortola is very proud to announce that he has been invited to present his RoundTail bike at Yale University in New Haven Ct. Friday April, 19, 2013 at 5:00 PM.

Third year Architecture student Adrienne Brown who owns a RoundTail bike herself, found out about the RoundTail bike form her Dad, Detroit area industrialist Greg Brown.

"May dad is madly in love with this bike." Says Ms. Brown. "He is helping Lou Tortola promote it and in doing so, he gifted me one for my use at Yale University. When I first saw the bike, I too fell in love with the design, and the noticeable innovation Lou has brought to the bicycle. Besides being a very cool bike, the ride is amazing!"

"At Yale we are encouraged to bring forward new and interesting design ideas. The dean, the celebrated architect Robert A.M. Stern, was quick to approve my invitation to Lou to present his invention at our Yale School of Architecture."

As for RoundTail® inventor Lou Tortola, he is beyond thrilled with this invitation. With a big smile on his face, he states; "I am finally able to attend Yale University." Lou is a lifelong entrepreneur, whose background includes formal training as an architectural technician. "When I was younger, I followed secondary and post secondary architectural training closely, and could only dream of one day attending a world class school of architecture such as Yale. I may not have been able to formally attend Yale as a student; but working hard in life to develop ideas, and seeing them come to reality has taken me there as a guest just the same. Words cannot describe how honored and thrilled I am to be invited to the prestigious Yale University to present something I have created. I am so looking forward to being there!"

The RoundTail® design removes the standard seat stay, chain stay and seat tube of the typical diamond-shaped bike design and, instead, two rings support the weight of the rider. This revolutionary new design creates a vertically compliant, laterally stiff ride with numerous benefits. The unique design of the RoundTail® eliminates jarring road vibrations to a significant degree, increasing comfort, the length of individual rides and the number of years people can enjoy cycling.

Featured in AZURE, a Canadian award-winning magazine that focuses on contemporary architecture and design. (March 2013 Issue)

Other coverage: LA Times, RoadBike Action -cover, Bicycling -WebMag. & More.

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